The NIH owns a significant part of the patent rights for the Moderna “vaccine,” per:


This issue was raised by US Senator Rand Paul during his questioing of Dr. Fauci (link below):

“(US senator Rand) Paul wanted to know more information about royalty payments scientists at the National Institutes of Health have received.

‘Over the period of time from 2010 to 2016, 27,000, royalty payments were paid to 1,800 NIH employees. We know that not because you told us, but because we forced you to tell us through the Freedom of Information Act,’ Paul said, noting that more than “$193 million was given to these 1,800 employees.’…

‘Here's what I want to know. It's not just about you,’ he (Rand Paul) continued. ‘Everybody on the vaccine committee. Have any of them ever received money from the people who make vaccines? Can you tell me that?’

‘Sound bite number one—Are you going to let me answer a question?’ Fauci said as Paul continued to speak… ‘OK, so let me give you some information. According to the regulations, people who receive royalties are not required to divulge them even on their financial statement, according to the by Bayh-Dole Act,’ Fauci answered.”



So… setting aside the infuriating arrogance of Dr. Fauci (which is hard to do), let’s make Rand Paul’s question more specific: How much in royalty payments ERIC O. FREED received? And how much MORE would he stand to receive if the Moderna “vaccine” remains on the market?

This is clearly fraud and racketeering. The only remaining question in my mind is this: Who among the criminals is in it just for the money? And who among them has the broader goal of overthrowing governments to set up a genocidal CCP-style/oligarchic worldwide surveillance state.

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Pretty much the most damning report on spike I've read to date. And of course there are interlopers shilling for the vaccines and pharma. I truly wish these people to be tried and stood up against a wall.

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Paper promptly downloaded and filed.

Of course, part of my disgust at all this is the disconnect that individuals have, the sheer lack of survival instinct that says, “I don’t know what that is, but that sh*t’s not going into my body!”

I mean, how could anyone NOT be concerned or even curious about what an “experimental” substance could do to the body, especially given all the warnings we get about everything else?

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Bombshell of an article, Dr.

Further reading:

Tumor Suppressor Protein p53 & BRCA related cancers

Experimental gene therapy transfections and public health implications


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Thank you for providing truth in the darkness

Dr Syed. My mum had acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in 2016/17 and incredibly survived her treatment with a ten percent chance. Everyone and all the doctors told her to get the vaccine, they even asked me to convince her, but she refused. I was really worried at the very start so I emailed a courageous specialist in another field and he supported us. We have never looked back re gene therapy, so many returned blood cancers reported. So many friends and family have unfortunately had clots, heart trouble and cancer but no one who is injected accepts it could be the spike or related.

Does anyone know long the spike from the first injection lasts? Has anyone cleared the first injection?

Does the second shot last the same amount of time or cause something else to happen with priming?

Are the boosters causing more spike issues than the second shot because it is cumulative or is there another reason ?

What about mixing and matching? A friend told me proudly they have had AZ, Pfzier and Moderna ….

Do we even know yet if people really can help themselves clear the spike and recover their immune system?

I’m really worried about my friends and family, even if they were willing to take it for selfish reasons, they were obviously clueless, but I really care about them and their children. Just knowing it can enter/alter DNA is terrifying. This surely unsettles some parents? Once the truth hits mainstream media it will be game over - no wonder they censor everything. I feel so fortunate to have found substacks and doctors like yourself who strive to educate ethically in a world of distortion and disillusionment.

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This is a very important post.

My substack has warned about the extreme dangers of p53 suppression since last year.

My substack has also warned about the Pseudouridine component of the Modified mRNA gene therapy which induces indefinite endogenous spike protein production.

This whole “vaccination” scheme is a eugenics depopulation program at the direct expense of those being subjected to the slow kill bioweapons that they themselves paid for via tax theft.

This is what Agenda 21 and The Great Reset look like in the acceleration phase we are now experiencing.

My substack has warned that the worst mortality will occur over the 5-10 years post injections as per the above article.

I have reposted your must read article here:


Thank you for your service.

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At my employer, they gleefully reported that 98% of the US workforce has been jabbed. We have 108,600 in the US, so than means ~106,400 have been jabbed. Only 2,200 not. I (a 62 year old, in perfect health, white male, {with no pronouns} and natural immunity) HAVE NOT. I thank God every day that I have places I can still find truth. I don't advertise or brag I am pure blood because I am already discriminated against enough for all my Conservate views, but I can celebrate here with you. But I am also sad because my wife is the ONLY other pure blood I know. So many misled sheep. Even my own daughters.

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😳😭😭😭 This is.... I have no words...everyday I say it can get worst, and every day I'm mistaken.... OMG!!!

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praying for all victims of The Culling.

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Dr Ah Kahn Syed your knowledge, debth of insights, clarity of presentation , how you organise, explain, construct your arguments, findings, the wit, the humor, the courage .... truly breathtakingly exceptional. Thank you for researching, thinking& writing the way you do.

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Investigation much appreciated. So there is one alternative hypothesis to lockdown/neglect of screening for why cancers are spiking after covid.

A tension has existed in the journals all along between the impetus to publish research making covid seem scarier on the one hand, while making the vaccines which necessarily share some of the same biochemistry out to be safe, on the other.

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Outstanding work as usual - thank you very much!!

I think it gets even worse. A Japanese bioavailability study had shown that the human tissue which accumulates the highest concentration of lipid from the lipid nanoparticle, and by implication the highest dose of spike mRNA (which is carried in the lipid nanoparticle), is the ovary.


(see particularly the table on page 7)

The ovaries were already prone to a wide variety of tumours, and now the vaxx gives then an extra-high dose of the DNA-repair-damaging experimental mRNA. We also know from a Swedish liver cell study that vaxx mRNA is reverse transcribed into host DNA in vitro, (although to my knowledge this has not yet been confirmed in vivo), opening the credible possibility that the ovaries could go on producing this carcinogenic spike protein throughout the patient's life.

So we can expect the vaxx to cause a rise in ovarian tumours with presumably at least a few years' lead time. Our government has thrown caution to the wind here at the same time as mandating the vaxx and outlawing alternative covid early treatment options, at the same time as censoring and gagging health professionals who could otherwise discuss these issues.

In addition the high vaxx concentration in the ovaries could well be anticipated to cause fertility issues; empirical data demonstrating high miscarriage rates and lowered national fertility rates following the vaxx are confirmatory.

So the vaxx will decrease the population through (i) fertility impairment, and (ii) increased ovarian cancers, both of which just happen to coincide with the globalists' depopulation agenda.

Isn't it funny how all these "unforeseen" effects just happen to coincide with the globalist agendas?

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Dude, you’re making me laugh when I’m supposed to be in a serious mood, WTF? lol

I mean that was the best description of what they look like… I’d probably say Robert Duvall not chuck Norris, but back to reading.

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Once cancer is induced, the immune system has to fight it. Vaccine-induced immunosuppression interferes with that. Double whammy.

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When all the women health societies started to recommend the mRNA vaccines, which were specifically excluded from testing in pregnant women......I smelled a rat.

When the avalanche of miscarriages started to happen.......I knew.

They couldn't care less about women (or babies).

I have a feeling it's more than money or power.

It's a religious cult.

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See the Merogenomics channel discuss the paper. https://youtu.be/4Unt03UBhbU There's a follow up video if you search for nucleus in the channel's videos

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