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I hope people also follow you on Telegram (https://t.me/arkmedic) which is where honest discussions can still happen.

I'm a retired ICU RN and am stunned at how complicit the medical community is in all this. I'm afraid half of them couldn't pass a human physiology or immunology course and the ones that couod would deny its truths if it would make the professor happy.

This is bad for science and frightening for medicine.

Keep posting. Some of us are listening and are very thankful for you. :)

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Ark, I truly appreciate all you have done fighting through the corrupt Twitter jungle. I hope you consider a lawsuit as Alex Berenson has done. You are truly an inspiration. I will be following on Telegram and Gab.

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Early on in the 'pandemic' Ian mentioned that sunshine was a good destroyer of viruses....

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"The thread went viral and good people like @eduengineer weighed in (and continues to do some great analyses on this data over on his blog)."

Big time fan of Mathew Crawford & always happy when my early favorites have longevity! :~)

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Thank you for so much original, genuine information,I wondered if you had seen the video from UK regarding contents of the vaccine vials…


I had a bad reaction ( ongoing) to the Pfizer booster,but had the best laugh I’ve had in ages to your Pfizer Add 🤣😂 I am hoping I can regain my former fitness……

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