Great analysis. Please get in touch!

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Great analysis, I really really wonder why the v-safe data is guarded and inaccessible. Would a FOIA request for access to anonamised v-safe data not be required to be granted?

My sister is pregnant and had the first Pfizer. I really want good data to be able to advise her about the second shot she has scheduled very soon

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Welcome to Substack. Glad you are not relegated to Twitter character limit. You should also get on Telegram if not already there.

Please keep your thoughts going.

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Sep 15, 2021Liked by Dr Ah Kahn Syed

Sorry to see you in Twitter jail but thanks for the Telegram breadcrumb so that I could find you here. Keep it up! I spend lots of time on Substack now between Alex Berenson, Boriquagato (El Gato Malo of Twitter fame) and Rounding the Earth our stats expert! The comment community is vibrant and no censorship. I upload a link to all on Twitter. I will let folks know you are here.

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Sep 17, 2021Liked by Dr Ah Kahn Syed

Thank you for publishing this!!! I looked at the study showing the 82% rate a while back and posted to Instagram… needless to say I got put in Insta jail for it 🙄 Such important information that people are just not getting 😭

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Sep 27, 2022Liked by Dr Ah Kahn Syed

Hi, sorry to keep posting to this aging thread.

Regarding the strange miscarriage rate behaviour for weeks 6 and 7, could it be due to how they bring the 904 women into week 6? From page 6 of supplementary appendix to Zauche (https://www.nejm.org/doi/suppl/10.1056/NEJMc2113891/suppl_file/nejmc2113891_appendix.pdf):

"Participants who received an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine preconception or before 6 weeks’ of pregnancy were entered into the analysis at 6 weeks’ gestation whereas participants who received their first eligible dose at or after 6 weeks’ gestation entered the analysis in the week they received their first eligible dose."

But they only get entered into week 6 if their pregnancy is still "active", and they could have been vaxxed from the periconception period up to weeks 6 to <7. I'm not a medical person but there would have to be some sort of survivor bias here? Is that a standard way of using study data?

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Apr 18, 2022Liked by Dr Ah Kahn Syed

I wrote a comment but it didn't post, I was wondering if you can share anything you know about Chinese vaccines and how do they affect our health long term? Most stuff I found online is related to Western ones but I can't find any real info on Sinovac or Sinopharm and what they really do to a human bodies in the future? Thanks! Wish you all the best!

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Nov 2, 2021Liked by Dr Ah Kahn Syed

This looks like a solid analysis. The adding of percentages this way with changing denominators is simply inexcusable- It is difficult to imagine the deficit of mathematical skill it takes to think this is an appropriate way figure out overall percentages- it is the kind of mistake a 5th grader might make.

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Oct 25, 2021Liked by Dr Ah Kahn Syed

great analysis... much appreciated.

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Oct 21, 2022Liked by Dr Ah Kahn Syed

Ace2 are dense in ovaries and testes - ofc there is an effect which is not going to be positive - the hubris of these people is to believe / the exacting evil of those responsible

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Oct 20, 2022Liked by Dr Ah Kahn Syed

Dear Dr Ah Kahn Syed, thank you for your brilliant analysis and post (which I’ve come across via Igor Chudov’s substack). Thank you for your work.

All the very best,


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Thank you, this is clarifying, but the reality is still muddy, even to me. I agree - they should release the data. Please consider writing a letter to the Editor-in-Chief of Sci, Publ Health Pol & Law calling for the release of all of the data. Please see Brock & Thornley (Withdrawn due to social pressure and threats: https://www.publichealthpolicyjournal.com/general-5 ). The vaccine makers promised transparency. The odd hump you have revealed is seriously worrying. Your results seem solid but should be peer-reviewed. It would help a lot of people to give a toy analogy using chemotherapy and stages of cancer (1-4). Please email info@ipak-edu.org to connect.

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Study Shows That Up To 8 In 10 Women Had A Miscarriage After Getting The Covid Vaccine Before The Third Trimester | Evie Magazine


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Great work. Thanks. Keep it up. The Tom Shimabukuro & Lauren Zauche publications are deceptive, underhanded and likely purposely fraudulent. These docs are designated stooges bribed with first authorship in NEJM. My seven year old grandson could have written these two manuscripts better than these cheaters. I still maintain that both the Pfizer 5.3.6 post marketing analysis AND Shimabukuro BOTH have about an 80% miscarriage rate calculated on the basis of EXACTLY what is published in the albeit extraordinarily poor & confusing presentations. When one compares these two documents I suspect that Pharma did the ghost writing for Shimabukuro Vsafe 1 and the Zauche Vsafe 2. The best way to fix the corrupted medical industrial complex is to completely take it down. It should be completely destroyed by civil & criminal litigation. The perpetrators including physicians, journal editors, medical boards, big pharma, CDC & FDA must be tried in criminal courts and punished or this mass killing for profit will continue. We the people deserve better than these criminals.

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This was posted 27/July/2022: https://t.me/voices4choices/475

This is appalling AUSTRALIA!!!

Dr LUKE MCLINDON who leads the fertility services at the Mater hospital (Brisbane) and is the principal investigator for a series of randomised controlled trials.

He just got sacked on Friday for not getting the jab and for trying to release his data on miscarriages, post the jab.

He has been investigating miscarriages in couples/women post vaccination. He said a normal miscarriage rate is between 5-14%, sometimes up to as high as 16%. But as he has been keeping stats since the introduction of the vaccine, he has found that 74% of women who are vaccinated are now having miscarriages 😳!

He is now part of ‘Doctors against Mandates’ initiative. A collaboration of Doctors who until now have remained publicly silent.


Thank god there are still some doctors with morals and values left in the world 💞

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Great article.

What do you think of the pfizer clinical trials during pregnancy? They've just completed but haven't been written up yet.

350 participants for 175 women in Pfizer arm and 175 in placebo, with the placebos to receive Pfizer soon after study terminates. Also, women are only receiving vaccinations within gestational weeks 24 through 34 (though it also says from weeks 27 to 34).


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