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I would make the observation that Trevor Sutton - brother of the Victorian Chief Health Officer is deputy Australian Statistician. Most people would consider that a conflict of interest but apparently not in the Australian Govt.

The ABS is worse than you imagine. They changed the baseline for calculating excess deaths from 2015-2019 which is defensible to 2017-2019, 2021 an error that a high school student could point out. 2020 was dropped for some BS reason. The effect of just this change is that the excess deaths are depressed about 3-4% compared to using 2015-2019.

Using the ABS numbers of deaths and different baselines for 2002 deaths to the end of August:

ABS baseline - 17% excess

2015-2019 baseline - 19.8% excess

2010=2019 baseline - 24.5%

I live in Brisbane and the ambulances have stopped using lights and sirens for emergency callouts - there were so many that even the sheeple were starting to notice.

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I heard a grief specialist say that this is equivalent to 5 x the number of people who died in the Twin Towers tragedy. She spoke about the massive outpouring of societal grief over that event and pointed out that Australia will be experiencing a huge swell of grief this year and over the next few over this... even if people don’t know the how and why of it, but just that many untimely deaths. The effects of this will be monumental.

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I am in Western Australia. I was very impressed with the breakdown of the data in this report. I too, hope that Senator Rennick gets a copy of this, however I don't feel that it will make a huge difference in the monkey house in Canberra. To witness the way the opposition laughed at him the other day was appalling. But he has bigger balls than the rest of them put together and I applaud his representation to the Australian people. Keep up the great work everyone.

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strong investigation. Much needed. Keep it up!

Now I'm wondering if Statistics Canada is doing the same thing... might have to look into it

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Re: not treating pneumonia. This is also happening in the US. In January 2022 I (an unjabbed elder) was hospitalized for 5 days with covid + ground glass pneumonia + raised cardiac markers (D-dimer, troponin, LDH etc) + fever + cough + vertigo etc. I was only treated with a daily blood thinner in the stomach. NOTHING at all for the pneumonia, no antibiotics, no steroids, no IV, only MUCINEX for pete's sake. Pathetic!

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This was an epic piece of investigative writing. Have a 🏆

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This is just horrific and, unfortunately, the United States is also hiding deaths. How long will this go on until the truth comes out? And why are so many medical authorities in denial? I feel like I'm in some dystopian novel.

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And now we have good old Ita Butrose on a radio ad every few minutes (among others) promoting the line "I'm Antiviral " ... consult your doctor if you have symptoms....there are NOW antiviral treatments available. Did i just get re-incarnated ?: , Are'nt Ivervectin etc forms of anti-virals ? I wonder how much making such ads are worth ?

And best of all ,the ads are sponsored by Pfizer ( the most prosecuted medical company in history)

WAKE UP WORLD !!!!!!!!!

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Great article, the part about not treating pneumonia is most shocking and another part of this jigsaw. On vaccine causing deaths, I think there is a quite straightforward argument for this... here is a copy of a comment I posted on of Igor's recent articles:

I think the argument is quite simple and straightforward:

1. cardiovascular disease is by far the single biggest (number 1) cause of deaths in the western world, even before covid and the vax, but especially now.

2. We therefore have a population which is highly susceptible to death due to heart issues.

3. Introducing an additional source of strain on the heart will drive a percentage of this already susceptible population on the verge over the edge to death.

4. Even if this is a small percentage, because the susceptible population is large, this means any additional burden on the heart is likely to kill a lot of people.

5. The vaccine is known to create widespread heart inflammation.

6. The vaccine will kill a lot of people, because the population is already very prone to death due to poor heart health.,

[Addendum in response to Igor's question:]

1. We also have a fitness culture of high intensity cardio workouts amongst the younger population.

These folks are putting significant stress and strain on their heart, which, at this dose, improves heart health (hormesis).

2. If a factor which unknowingly puts an additional strain on the heart is introduced, which this population doesn't account for, the total stress and strain on the heart during a given cardio workout may be too high dose and cause damage, and even death.

3. Since the vaccine is known to create widespread heart inflammation, this is likely to occassionally push the dose over the healthy limit in the population of the high cardio fitness culture population.

4. The vaccine will therefore cause some deaths in the very healthy population too.

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The sheer scale of idiocy and evil is impossible to comprehend. Reading this makes me feel so helpless and angry. When will there be any meaningful justice for what these ghouls have done and continue to cover up?

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Great article and is inline with my own view and research with respect to the deception in the ABS and NSW Health's statistics. Below is a link relating to Cardiac events for South Australia from Senator Alex Antic's Freedom of Information Request. The numbers peak at around double per month in line with the booster rollout for the 15-44 age group; https://assets.nationbuilder.com/alexantic/pages/281/attachments/original/1669167781/OCR_FOI2022-00081_-_Determination_Redacted.pdf?1669167781

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"mortality due to COVID was - and is - probably entirely due to the withholding of early treatment for pneumonia"

I have been here (the cure is worse than the disease) since April 2020. Truthfully I was hedging until Nov 2020 after The Cormen Drosten Review call for the retraction of the PCR test - conveniently released after the election. I've massaged my messaging over and over in attempts to effectively articulate my perspective.

I have long felt that the most likely answer is that the world was not challenged by a novel pathogen of unknown origin but rather fooled to believe that to actually prevent treatment of it thereby exaggerating the effects. By rebranding the melange of typical seasonal and non seasonal respiratory distress we have always dealt with they were able to control the treatment protocols. including,obviously, preventing actually safe and efficacious, not to mention inexpensive interventions. By calling it something novel that allowed them to feign ignorance (the we didn't know at the beginning trope). The messaging of a new and frighteningly deadly, remarkably contagious novel pathogen created the presumption of the diagnosis by all parties even before a patient decided maybe they have something and sought medical advice. And, of course, by any medical staff. Hypochondria is contagious. The abject nonsense of symptomless disease is still believed to this day - see any moronic mask wearer.

While Spars and other Pre Plandemonium Pandemic Preparedness Programs planned out logistical and medical responses, the current state of in your pocket ubiquitous internet penetration opened the door of opportunity to wargame the information battles via Event 201. Finally the state of technology and telecommunication allowed productive widespread telecommuting. The mRNA tech and the long standing goal of a Universal Vaccine had been waiting for this moment. And Flipflopfraudfauci had been patiently waiting for his Nobel Prize.

I believe the zoonosis vs lab leak debate has been meant to assist in fomenting the fear. Numerous people knew it couldn't be natural from go. In fact, it is practically disqualifying of the credentials of anyone who signed off on zoonosis. That does not mean it was in the wild. Parasite Stress Theory.

The Plandemonium was to create enough fear that everyone would demand the injection and expect digital ID. But first alert the cronies about their investments. Those who might be skeptical would be expected to comply via mob coercion and flat refusal of the pursuits of Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness without proof of subjecting themselves to still as yet undisclosed ingredients. Yep, right here, this arm go ahead. But first alert the cronies about their investments.

They deftly planted stories of pre-expected vaccine injuries such as clots, myocarditis, and ground glass opacity in the media and did their best to convince you those would be your fate if you got a cold or a flu. Even creating ad campaigns to normalize as yet non existent pediatric cardiovascular disease. When in reality they knew these would be incident to the shots since Ralph Baric had been studying it since the 1980s.

We grew up being told and taught there is no cure for the common cold because it is a coronavirus and highly mutagenic. We have all gone to the Dr when a flu hits us at an inopportune time and asked for treatment to shorten its course before a trip or important event only to be told its viral and just has to run its couse.

Suddenly this new coronavirus with a very stable genome (we were told in 2020) will be able to be neutralized with a single epitope. The infamous spike protrusion. We have been conditioned to recognize it exactly with the endless cartoon graphic depictions of it since the beginning of the Plandemonium. We can almost visualize a cloud of spiky balls circling around people like Pigpen of the peanuts (Nevermind that the latest "proof" is the shape of a prickly cookie).

Suddenly once the injections start, out of the blue, the novel coronavirus decides to be highly mutagenic and immediately we learn how lucrative it could be for a pharma company to go along with a made up government (DOD it turns out) plan to bypass 10 years of heretofore required clinical trials and red tape by administering "free" doses. Oh, and make a new formulation - no need to test that. All for an alleged novel pathogen that only killed people in hospital or congregate care homes who couldn't advocate for themselves and were kept isolated from those who could advocate for them.

Now that the shots were being administered we suddenly learned about phylogenic trees and various variants. Some conspiracy theorists even have charts that listed the names and alpha numerical designations. And the dates they would be announced. Hmmmm. And the alleged sequences. Even though that is a laborious practice that can only be done in few labs, not in the RV testing center set up on that weed overgrown pad site at 1st and Main. And only 1/2 of 1% of samples are being sequenced.

Few noticed Omicron does not share the same progenitor as CoV2. Details Details. Some smart people, or planted controlled opposition, who can tell by now, predicted the risks.

That deploying a single epitope, non sterilizing biologic intervention would be the driver of variants, BUT the trusted Mainstream Miscreants and President Blunder assured their consumers and constituents that the dirty UNvaccinated, which conveniently includes the-not-fully-vaccinated were creating the variants. Which coincidentally seem to often originate in the very locales of the dubiously run clinical trials.

The fraud of the PCR test is the foundation. The PCR test was empanelled without actual isolates. All of the alleged isolates are confirmed by PCR fraud. No agency can provide an isolate. Any isolate from after Jan 2020 is absolute bullshark. Alleged index cases got treatment and mostly survived. By the way they mostly present as nosocomial bacterial infection but didn't have their lungs blown out.

The media was and is the virus. The injections are the bioweapon. The headlong plunge to global governance seemingly embraced by our fraudulently elected leaders is the plague. To hell with any of them who went along with this for money. And watch out for CoV3 - Pandemic #2 as predicted through a sickening ear to ear grin by Epstein acolyte Bill Gates as he sat next to his equally grinning then (and probably still) partner in crime Melinda.

To ignore that this could be purposeful depopulation through some immediate culling, some long lasting community wide immunosuppression, and some very predictable fertility reduction in the shadow of easily documented numerous Malthusian public proclamations is absurd.

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Here are some annual NSW registration death statistics for you to ponder (to approx. the nearest 50 regos):

2020: there were 52K deaths

2021: there were 56K deaths

2022: we're on par for 63K deaths

You do the maths.

A point to remember is that LESS people died than usual in 2020 ('coz so many stayed home and didn't see the Drs!) and yet there was only a 4K jump to reach 2021 deaths (and that's after the Feb 2021 covid poison jab rollout). But now we're on target to reach 7K MORE deaths in 2022. That's a huge increase. We're @ a little over 58K deaths now and Dec always has less registrations due to holiday shutdowns. There was about a 1K drop in regos from Nov '20 to Dec '20 (4.2K to 3.3K), but only a 1/2K drop from Nov '21 to Dec '21 (4.7K to 4.2K). With all those sirens around, I don't think there'll be too much of a drop this Dec. Nov had almost exactly 5K deaths registered. So my guess is it will be no less than 4.5K for Dec '22. Which takes us up to at least 62.7K death registrations in NSW for 2022.

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A mere civil engineer has many contacts - many contacts are chomping on the bit as to who is first to use their excavators and assorted digging implements, and a major supplier of quicklime to make accountable ALL involved in this GROSS act of inhumanity.

And that without the courtesy of a head shot .... such is the seriousness of what these people and 'authorities' and media have inflicted on humanity.

Whilstever alive, those people WILL be a threat to all people on this planet.

But none of this should come as a surprise - licensed firearms owners have repeatedly warned over the decades of how this would end as they were the first victims of polarised, totalitarian states.

Societies have elected risk averse, unaccountable people whose interest is in a given dogma, and preferred illusions of safety offered to them, whilst being too stupid to learn from history.

When free speech and liberty is quenched, the results in our actual totalitatian / non-democratic societies can be easily predicted.

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Everything surrounding the covid pandemic is a LIE, as well as the fake vaccines. You can spend the rest of your life trying to discover the truth and die with more questions than answers.

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I could be wrong, but I believe these statistics don’t include perinatal and neonatal deaths as they are pulled into another separate report, that is a year behind. If the state birth rates are anything to go by there may be a hundreds if not thousands of extra bodies to add to these statistics!

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