Literally, no official cares. And, they will be changing naught no matter the shouting from the rooftops. Unless it serves their internal agenda.

This lie is now to big to be dismantled. Just like 9/11. Called it.

None of your evidence, or anyone else's for that matter (including mine) will swing the balance to the wishful direction. Not because your data analysis and presentation is meaningless. But because the masses respond to other means of communication. I have analysed all in my blog https://thegreatreject.substack.com/p/there-is-no?r=1342fs&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web. You are failing to realise that all traditional institutions have failed their purpose, and we are now in full fascist mode. I sincerely hope I am wrong.

TL;DR: if we wait for the officials to listen to our analyses we are hitting our head to the wall. Repeatedly. And that usually leads to concussion. Not good...

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www.doctorsagainstmandates.com has also done data analysis on NSW date, confirming these findings, its available here: https://www.doctorsagainstmandates.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Expert-Witness-Report-Madry-15-Aug-2022-B.pdf

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Jane Halton should also be on the Australian Health Bureaucrat Radar. She advised Morrison and has now been given an oversight role by Labor! She spent many years being trained at the WHO! She came on my radar when she made a speech at my university last year. She needs a lot of light shone on her shadow!!! The ex Health Minister Greg Hunt is another and he came out of the WEF's young leaders program along with the Canadian and New Zealand Prime Ministers.

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Great to see it laid out like this. Meanwhile NSW health secretary Susan Pearce straight up lied in estimates, saying the ICU data proved “irrefutably” that the vaccines prevent severe illness. Bald faced lie:


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Great article! The data from NSW has been garbage for months -- almost no hospitalizations for the (edit) UNvaccinated -- and making sense of it is difficult.

We are facing a beginning of a large wave of general mortality, which both you and I objected to and resisted -- so it is not our fault -- but it will make the humanity better.

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a most appropriate photograph i must say

showing the top nazi with his, literally, prime water bearer....

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Great work, thank you. I appreciate the work you put in. There is so much

fiddling with numbers, manipulation and lies one can only hope that one day

we'll be able to get the truth. Again thank you for keeping an eye out and keeping us in the loop.

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There's a condition called OCPD (not OCD). It's relevant to consider. It's very common in high functioning professionals. It's believed Hitler had it. It's a disorder of overcontrol but can be comorbid with psychopathy, despite psychopathy being a disorder of undercontrol.

People who have OCPD have perspective-taking or perspective-shifting deficits and empathy deficits. They are also functionally rigid rather than flexible. They think they are always right, never wrong, and know everything.

If you present them with hard evidence or even proof that they are wrong, OCPD don't self-correct but instead become annoyed or irritated and they double down on their mistakes.

They are overrepresented among academics, judges, law enforcement and the military. Colonel Russell Williams, serial killer and former Commanding Officer of CFB Trenton, Canada's largest air force base, had OCPD. Patricia Krenwinkel, of the Manson family, has OCPD. OCPD is believed to be the most common disorder of serial killers. They are attracted to regulatory agencies and disciplinary tribunals and may dominate medical boards as well as professional societies, despite potentially not being fit to practise because of the condition, which is typically undiagnosed. Their colleagues likely suffer from it too and won't diagnose them. Typically they lack insight. It's an "egosyntonic" condition meaning they think there is nothing wrong with them. They think the problem is with other people. There is huge mental health "illiteracy" about OCPD, even among medical professionals.

They tend to be very neat ("serial killer neat") and tidy, and punctual to the point of hyperpunctuality.

There is some evidence that this "uptightness" sends them to an early grave.

Unfortunately, it appears that they are in control of the public health bureaucracy and its "bureaupathology" across the Western world as well as in control of the fact checkers, medical boards and judiciary.

Scott Sturman M.D. in the US recently, in The Gateway Pundit, wrote what appears to have been a description of OCPD, as follows:

"The mindset of Field Marshal Douglas Haig, World War I’s worst general, springs to mind, when drawing a comparison to Anthony Fauci.

By some historical accounts Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig bears the distinction of WWI’s worst general. He rose to Commander of British Expeditionary Forces and led Allied armies during the slaughter and futility at the battles of the Somme and Passchendaele. Known for his self confidence and inflexibility, he repeatedly ordered soldiers over the top to “no man’s land” and into the path of German machine guns. No number of casualties or unachieved objectives could dissuade him from his singular approach to combat.

Nigel Davies, historian and educator, points out that General Haig was emblematic of the chateau general - dictating and directing but far removed from the battlefield:

They were Chateau Generals in approach and in attitude. They drew lines on maps without adequately considering the terrain, issued impossible instructions without looking at the state of the ground, and ran completely inadequate communications that were far from capable of keeping track of, or controlling, a modern battlefield.

In a similar respect, despite his academic and professional accomplishments, Dr. Anthony Fauci has no background or experience in clinical medicine and is ill equipped to lead the SARS-CoV-2 response. His purview is that of a research scientist and entrenched bureaucrat, who is far removed from patient contact.

His career is enmeshed with the pharmaceutical industry, whose financial ties with federal medical regulatory institutions are well described. Throughout his career he has denied patients easily accessible, inexpensive, and effective treatments in lieu of patented medications with high risk profiles and of dubious efficacy. In 1987 despite overwhelming clinical evidence, he told AIDS activists that the prophylactic use of the common antibiotic Bactrim to treat pneumocystis carnii pneumonia was ineffective and possibly dangerous. Through private donations the company Lymphomed circumvented the NIAID and conducted successful clinical trials. The delay cost the lives of nearly 17,000 immunocompromised patients."

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Do you think our so-called health agencies might be conflicted?

Proportion of budget derived from industry:

Australia TGA (96%)

Europe EMA (89%)

UK MHRA (86%)

Japan PMDA (85%)

USA FDA (65%)

Canada HC (50.5%)


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There is a NSW state election in March next year. One Nation which has always been anti mandated injection is seeking support. Last week a Draft Terms of Reference for a Royal Commission into the pandemic response was published for public comment on the One Nation Website. One Nation is aware of Substack. Senator Malcolm Roberts (QLD) studies science from here. It’s never too late to out Health Hazard. Too late for many but not for all. Accountability is required.

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Great piece. We just have to keep spreading truth like this until they crumble under the pressure.

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But the Times recently told me that the unvaccinated were 14 times more likely to die? Surely the UK's spook paper wouldn't tell porkies!?


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I'm in NSW with a lot of family and friends here is well. They're all jabbed but they stopped posting the "I got vaxxed" selfies about six months ago.

So I don't know if they have had their boosters and they are not dying, so I don't know what the f is going on. Not that I want anyone to die.

The only possible Vax death in my realm was my cousin's kid's 30 year old fiance died at his bachelor party in Colorado.

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No officials care, no journalists care. The International Criminal Court paid off. How mankind has been enslaved by the Technocrats. I can't believe I just said that.

Look on the bright side, no one in Germany wants the booster, and out of the 23 million doses for the over 70s in the UK, I think only 3 million have been taken. People who are younger are allowed to Self Declare if they have a condition which make them more susceptible to covid. Hopefully people are getting the real picture?

So it looks like Bill Gates can sod off and eat his own locusts.

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This just in! Jabs bad!

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